M.V. Kevayling


Our unique on-line boat log recording  and displaying trip data at the completion of each trip.
Incorporating data from Navionics, Mariner GPS & Blue Boat Logs

Kevayling Cruising Log

This is the main purpose of this log. Click  on the image for our full cruise log from 2015 to present day. On the completion of each trip our onboard data and navigation tablet sends the trip log to this site. 

Blue Boat Log

We crew and boat with our family & friends so on this page you can view all our boating activities as recorded via Blue Boat Log. This log is only used for sea trips or boating on other vessels.

Maintenance Log

We pride ourselves on the condition of our boat built in 1968. On this page is a record of all the work we carry out to keep her in good shape. These log entries are manually entered via our onboard data and navigation tablet.

Tides Near Me

A 7 day tide pattern for Allington Lock, River Medway, Kent. Useful if you want to enter or leave the non-tidal part of the River Medway.

Home Weather Station

Link to our home weather station, which is continuously updating to the web, showing live Maidstone weather. Not much use if you live outside Maidstone but handy for us!

Boating Blog

A general diary of activities and happenings over the years. In essence an on-line diary, normally used if something interesting happens during the year.